Solanium Welcomes Project SEED

Project SEED is a gaming metaverse environment established by AAA game studio that integrates Game Hub, GameFi, DAO, E-Sports, and a Growth Program using multichain hybrid innovation.

The network intends to break and change the present business by allowing for widespread use of this innovation in the gaming industry.

The $3.1 million private financing round for Project SEED was completed successfully.

Project SEED was able to take significant strides forward in pushing the next stages for this blockchain gaming multiverse thanks to the participation of up to 40 major venture investors and collaborators in the crypto sector.

The Solanium team would like to remind their community that once they have completed all of the KYC criteria in any of the IDO, they may use the same wallet address to partake in future Solanium project releases without having to repeat the authentication procedure.

Tier 4 and 5 (Guaranteed Allocation) stakeholder KYC has also been accessible. Select Identity Verification from the sidebar. The Solanium and ProjectSEED AMA will be hosted by the team soon. You already know the drill: amazing gifts are on the way.

Project SEED — IDO Details

Token: $SHILL

Price Per Token: $0.025

Number of Tokens: 6,000,000 SHILL

Accepted Currency: USDC

Total raise in Public Sale: $150,000 USDC

How to Join the Project SEED Whitelist

1. The Whitelist process had already begun.

2. Go to and fill out the form there.

3. Connect your Sollet or Compatible wallet.

4. Make a Telegram connection.

5. Complete the tasks to boost your chances of being added to the whitelist.

6. A referral campaign to earn an extra social ticket(s).

Social Pool

The Social Pool will receive a portion of the to-be-sold tokens. You may earn Social Tickets by doing various social tasks on Telegram and Twitter.

Staking Pool

Staking Pool tickets will receive a significant portion of the to-be-sold tokens. Staking SLIM or SLIM-LP tokens is the sole way to purchase tickets for the Staking Pool. By raising your token stake or prolonging your lock duration, you may increase your Staking Pool ticket count.

The final picture will be taken at the moment of lottery outcomes, and the staking pool ticket is an estimate.

Please Note:

1. Bogus bots may be sending you messages; if you get any questionable communications, please contact our wonderful CMs. SEED Socials are a part of Project SEED.

2. Always double-check the URL:

About Solanium

The Solana blockchain uses Solanium as its main platform. Engage in public token sales, stake your tokens, trade on our DEX, contribute in our governance, and become a part of our active and expanding community.

Solanium’s objective is to make Solana accessible to everyone, with an emphasis on UI/UX and solid collaborations and synergies throughout the Solana environment.

Project SEED Socials:

Telegram Lobby:

Solanium Socials:

Telegram Lobby:
Telegram Announcement Channel:




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Content writer. I write for fun

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