Plutos Network Update as of September 2021

As Plutos Network enters Q4, we have had such a fantastic September with massive developments. More products will be released, partnerships will be made with different firms, and listings are on the way.

Look out at Plutos Network’s Q4 roadmap to see what’s opening soon, plus migration to Solana.

Highlights of the Month

• Plutos Network formally releases V1.0 of its primary product synthetic system for testing,

• The debut of the V5 and V6 stake pools, Plutos Network’s largest ever, as well as a partner pool with Zilliqa,

• Plutos Network unveils the first Liquidity Reward Program on PancakeSwap,

• The famous PeckShield auditing has been passed by Plutos Network.

Updates on Technical Progress

The first version of the swap bridge is now available.

The platform scalability has been evaluated and is suitable for widespread application after the testnet faucet airdrop and testnet staking was completed successfully. Users who have testnet tokens can utilize this bridge to convert them to mainnet PLUT tokens. You can swap here.

V5 Staking is now available.

The largest pools in the Plutos Network have been opened. Pools of Jelly Beans and Marshmallows Staking $PLUT might earn you up to 100% APY. Depending on the length of time you want to be locked up.

You can stake it here.

The Plutos Network has passed the PeckShield audit.

The Plutos Network synthetic V1. systems have passed the highly renowned @peckshield audits, marking a significant achievement.

You can read it here.

On @PancakeSwap, Plutos Network announces the first Liquidity Reward Program.

The program’s objective is to boost $PLUT’s liquidity while reducing transaction slippage. On a monthly basis, $30k in PLUT tokens will be awarded.

More information can be found here.

On Ropsten, Plutos Network launches Synthetic System V1.0.

Plutos Network launches synthetic system V1.0 on Ropsten, and gives $10,000 to consumers who test the product and provide input for changes.

Ecology and Growth

The Pluto Ambassador Program kicks off with an $80,000 reward pool for #BUIDL alongside our community. Nearly 400 ambassadors from across the world have decided to join the Plutos Ambassador Program. Check out a few of our ambassadors’ unofficial new communities:

Plutos Network Turkish Telegram 🇹🇷 (Ambassador run)
Plutos Network Turkish Twitter 🇹🇷 (Ambassador run)
Plutos Network Nigeria Telegram 🇳🇬 (Ambassador run)
Plutos Network Polish Twitter 🇵🇱 (Ambassador run)
Plutos Network Russia Telegram 🇷🇺 (Ambassador run)
Plutos Network Indonesia Telegram 🇮🇩 (Ambassador run)
Plutos Network India Telegram 🇮🇳 (Ambassador run)

Plutos Network and Zilliqa have Teamed up.

Plutos Network and @zilliqa collaborated on SaaS services and relevant technological integration, giving rise to the launch of the Zilliqa staking pool.

Business and Public Relations

@CoinMarketCap has listed Plutos Network’s $PLUT.

For all of your live data on the Plutos Network and PLUT token. Take a look at it here.

AMA with Zilliqa will be hosted by Plutos Network.

Dr. Amrit Kumar joined Plutos Network to talk about Plutos Network’s new cooperation with @Zilliqa as well as their project-specific developments.

Get to know the Plutos. You’re still early with a large pipeline of collaborations, product releases, and listings. Here’s a look at the Plutos Network global staff.

Follow up for more information about Plutos Network and other crypto-related topics. Please share if this information was useful.

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Content writer. I write for fun

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